So 3D printing has pretty much been the same for the last couple of years. The technology is here and as I already said for many times, everyone (I can vouch only for me though) should be trying to make it as user friendly as possible. Sometimes it is difficult to explain this philosophy to […]

The Original Prusa I3 MK2 model introduced a handful of improvements over the I3 printer, most notably the full mesh bed auto leveling, zone heated print bed with a PEI print surface, and the integrated leadscrew Z axis. The full mesh bed auto leveling relies on an induction sensor mounted onto the print head, sensing […]

Hi guys, I have quick update today. First, Prusa i3 is the most used 3D printer on Earth according to 3DHubs! It actually was already in January 2016, but I just wasn’t sure it would last. Well, it’s March now and the lead is even bigger. That is awesome! I would say that 3D printing is the first industry, […]

I always had awesome customers, but from time to time, I get really surprised when they casually show me project so great, I could never imagine it’s possible. Long story short, let me introduce you to Peter Ivancak who is bringing back to life almost forgotten photography format with 3D printing!

It’s not that long ago when I started to sell the original Prusa i3 kits over at I already have users in some pretty exotic destinations like Haiti, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, New Caledonia, Malaysia, Colombia or New Zealand. I am overwhelmed with the positive response and feedback and I continue with the development […]

Did you know, that you don’t actually need a separate nozzle for each colour you want to print? There is an old trick we RepRappers have in our sleeves. But till now no one has mastered it yet. The idea is really simple: change the filament to a different color during the print. It always […]

Prusa3D is moving to the new larger offices, so I unfortunately didn’t have much time for PrusaPrinters last few days. But we are expanding and upgrading our printfarm to 16 printers and it brings some interesting challenges we are trying to solve. We have the printers separated from the main assembly room so they don’t disturb […]

This one will be quick and easy. Recently I found out about wonderful feature of Marlin 3D printer firmware called firmware retraction. So what is the difference between firmware retraction and normal retraction made by Slic3r? It is easy, you can set different speeds for retract and recover. 

When I was going through my daily dose o 3D printing news I stumbled upon a beautiful 3D printed ship. I continued reading the article about it and much to my delight it was printed on Prusa i3. I thought it would be awesome to contact the makers and get some tips and tricks how to […]

2 years ago Allesandro visited me in Prague and I talked him into making an interview. Since then a lot of time passed but I think it still has some really great insights 😉 If you don’t know already, Sound is the main developer of Slic3r. Video after the break.