I always had awesome customers, but from time to time, I get really surprised when they casually show me project so great, I could never imagine it’s possible. Long story short, let me introduce you to Peter Ivancak who is bringing back to life almost forgotten photography format with 3D printing!

When I was going through my daily dose o 3D printing news I stumbled upon a beautiful 3D printed ship. I continued reading the article about it and much to my delight it was printed on Prusa i3. I thought it would be awesome to contact the makers and get some tips and tricks how to […]

2 years ago Allesandro visited me in Prague and I talked him into making an interview. Since then a lot of time passed but I think it still has some really great insights 😉 If you don’t know already, Sound is the main developer of Slic3r. Video after the break.