Hi, this is just a quick update for my customers of people interested in Original Prusa i3 🙂 We print quietly now! One of a few reservations that one might have against my Original Prusa i3 could have been the noise level at times. We have worked on that and I can now proudly announce […]

Big shout out for SeeMeeCNC, organizers of MidWest RepRap Festival. They did it again so you can visit the fest this weekend March 20-22 in Goshen, Indiana! Unfortunately I can’t come, but you can meet the best and brightest US RepRappers over there. So don’t hesitate and register. Bring your printer, print something cool and […]

Did you buy a Prusa i3 kit, please write about your experience in our Building forum! I would have never ever guessed what Prusa i3 will do to the 3D printing. I mean, it has been over two years since I started working on it together with folks from RepRap IRC (Hi Kliment and Joachim) […]


3Dhubs.com is a wonderful service which connects people with 3D printers with the ones who needs something printed. It’s a great opportunity for Prusa Printers community to show off our skills. This is by no means affiliate of any sorts, just a guide to help spread 3D printing to people who don’t want to own […]

When I was going through my daily dose o 3D printing news I stumbled upon a beautiful 3D printed ship. I continued reading the article about it and much to my delight it was printed on Prusa i3. I thought it would be awesome to contact the makers and get some tips and tricks how to […]