We managed to make another progress in our colorprint! We have placed the interface for adding changes to gcode on our websites. So now you can modify your gcode online! No additional program is needed. In this video Dave shows how to prepare gcode for multiple color printing. Never heard about ability of multiple-color printing? Check […]

Every time I’m sure there is nothing to surprise me, my customers always prove me wrong. I was contacted by a popular Czech cosplayer Baty Alquawen, when she was considering what is the best way to create her own customized Pip-boy for the Fallout 4-themed cosplay. As a gamer I was looking forward to play […]

Hi, this is just a quick update for my customers of people interested in Original Prusa i3 🙂 We print quietly now! One of a few reservations that one might have against my Original Prusa i3 could have been the noise level at times. We have worked on that and I can now proudly announce […]

Big shout out for SeeMeeCNC, organizers of MidWest RepRap Festival. They did it again so you can visit the fest this weekend March 20-22 in Goshen, Indiana! Unfortunately I can’t come, but you can meet the best and brightest US RepRappers over there. So don’t hesitate and register. Bring your printer, print something cool and […]

Did you buy a Prusa i3 kit, please write about your experience in our Building forum! I would have never ever guessed what Prusa i3 will do to the 3D printing. I mean, it has been over two years since I started working on it together with folks from RepRap IRC (Hi Kliment and Joachim) […]


3Dhubs.com is a wonderful service which connects people with 3D printers with the ones who needs something printed. It’s a great opportunity for Prusa Printers community to show off our skills. This is by no means affiliate of any sorts, just a guide to help spread 3D printing to people who don’t want to own […]