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    Printers: Can’t live with them, can’t nuke them. You could always toss a misbehaving inkjet or laser out the window, but where would that leave you? Truth be told, we need our printers, despite their maddening quirks. Here’s a saner idea: Take a deep breath, channel your inner tech support rep, and repair that which has failed you. (Cue sitar.)
    We’ve listed the 10 biggest printer annoyances — of course, your Top 10 list may vary — and ways to fix them.
    Problem: Printing is too slow.
    Problem: Ink and/or toner costs too much.
    Problem: Windows is sending print jobs to the wrong printer.
    Epson Support Number
    Canon Support Number
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    Encountered issues with canon before, and it is a kind of business printing machine. I always invest on repairs rather than counting profit from it. Since then, I all have my business printing done at Digitek Print shop in CA, one of their works that I got so interested of is this digital foam coaster prints http://www.digitekprinting.com/foam-core-posters.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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