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11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. So, I have seen your tutorial on how to print in multi colors. I was wondering since I use an Azteeg x3, I don’t have an LCD screen. Do you know any other ways I could multicolor print with what I have. All it has is one button to start the print.

  2. Hi,
    I bought the 3d printer because everyone said I couldn’t do anything since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few years back. Well I put it together by myself and was so very proud of myself for that accomplishment. With MS I get dizzy reall bad and I fell directly on my printer and broke it bad. Could u please help walk me thru repairing it. I got some 5 mil pl plastic but don’t know if I can make the intricate cuts you have made. I’m alone 99% of time and this is my only means of fun or stimulation. I know u won’t understand but I thought it be a long shot. If not I’ll try find a way on my own. I never ask for help anyway but I felt in heart u might understand.
    Thank you for whatever your response.
    Dewayne Motte

    • Hi Dewayne,
      we’re happy to help you. Text our live chat support at – orange chat box in the lower right corner 🙂

      • I’m not seeing the orange chat box in the lower right corner. Has the chat option moved or changed in some way?

        • Since we’ve last spoken it turned blue, but that’s about it 🙂 We have switched to a better live chat solution

  3. Sales department Manager: My name is Todd I am 81 years old,have excessive hand tremor, short term memory loss and a i3 mk2s that won’t start (no lights). All 4 fuses are good and voltage is set on 110. I just changed to a new version 3.1 Rambo board, also a new LCD. I haven’t been able for what ever reason to download any firmware upgrades. My last contact was sent to Bartiomiej Skonieczka at on August 15th, but have not received a reply. This eMail shows how it all started. The project I was working on was donating Phonex hands by e-Nable. I was teeeking and just staeted printing clean usable parts when this happened. I amat a total loss as whereto go next. I’m seriously thinking of buying a new mk3 and sending themk2s back to Prusa for diagnostic testing, overhaul rebuild or credit. I would rather get the mk2s repaired and use it full time to print the phonex hands. How can I be assured that the new mk3 I would receive has all firmware upgrades and unlike my mmk2s actual QC? Stripped threads, unplugged sensor. loose jamb nuts, etc. Blas (can’t remember his last name) in the past has helped me more than anyone. He felt that for a new printer this one was giving more trouble than most. If you can help me I’m more than ready to get started. Tkankyou TLC

    • Hello Todd,
      I’m sure we can arrange something for you. The best & fastest way to reach us is via our live chat support, which runs 24/7. You’ll find it in the lower right corner of our e-shop page (orange box). And you can ask for Blas, if he’s there at the time of your text, you’ll be connected with him 🙂

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