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9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. So, I have seen your tutorial on how to print in multi colors. I was wondering since I use an Azteeg x3, I don’t have an LCD screen. Do you know any other ways I could multicolor print with what I have. All it has is one button to start the print.

  2. Hi,
    I bought the 3d printer because everyone said I couldn’t do anything since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few years back. Well I put it together by myself and was so very proud of myself for that accomplishment. With MS I get dizzy reall bad and I fell directly on my printer and broke it bad. Could u please help walk me thru repairing it. I got some 5 mil pl plastic but don’t know if I can make the intricate cuts you have made. I’m alone 99% of time and this is my only means of fun or stimulation. I know u won’t understand but I thought it be a long shot. If not I’ll try find a way on my own. I never ask for help anyway but I felt in heart u might understand.
    Thank you for whatever your response.
    Dewayne Motte

    • Hi Dewayne,
      we’re happy to help you. Text our live chat support at – orange chat box in the lower right corner 🙂

      • I’m not seeing the orange chat box in the lower right corner. Has the chat option moved or changed in some way?

        • Since we’ve last spoken it turned blue, but that’s about it 🙂 We have switched to a better live chat solution

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