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    I’ve just finished building my Prusa I3 bought from the Official Store. Its the new 1.75mm version.

    When I turn on the power on the PSU, the LCD panel lights up and displays 2 horizontal rows of black rectangles with a blank line between them and thats it. Nothing else is displayed and nothing else happens (ie no fans start and there is no movement.). I’ve double checked the LCD cables and they seem to be correct as per the build manual at manual.prusa3d.com.

    Has anyone else encountered this?




    Ok I’ve managed to fix this problem by following a suggestion made in the following thread.


    I swapped both LCD cabled around and now I the display comes up when I turn on the printer.



    For those looking, I had the same issue, and found a different solution / cause.

    It was working fine, until I updated some code and the version of Arduino I was running. Code all worked, but it’s important to use the correct version of Arduino for your board.



    I have the same problem but neither of these solutions are working.



    Not getting any response from from my LCD board.
    Light turns on on power supply and the fan turns on and that’s it.
    Cannot get it to be recognized by my pc either.
    Any suggestions?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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