We Czechs always like to say “Golden czech hands” when we are proud of our artisans and I am delighted that I can share one of them with you today. I bet you have read about 3D printed cars or airplane parts, but you would have never guess that you can print a functional plane on your Prusa you have on your desk right now.

We are talking about 3DLabPrint, which is a brainchild of Stepan Dokoupil and Patrik Svida. These guys invented a way how to design and print functional RC planes.

They basically hack slicing engines to print the plane body and wings with single perimeter and support structure which makes it incredibly light and strong. It is an interesting read over at their website.

Detail of the printed Spitfire plane body

Detail of the printed Spitfire plane body

Take a look how Spitfire model is printed and assembled in a timelapse video.

And now the best part, 3DLabPrint made a special version of Spitfire for Original Prusa i3 “MK1” and Original Prusa i3 MK2 printers and you can find the g-codes, guides and everything you need in the new Drivers 1.7.5 we released couple of days ago! The same g-codes are compatible with both printers and are located in Objects/MK2/SpitfireMkXVI ver1.2 folder on your desktop after the installation. The same folder also contains guide how to fully assemble the plane and fly with it!

Make sure to check out the other planes they provide, like them on facebook and subscribe to their youtube.

Download the 1.7.5 Drivers here!

In what color your will print the Spitfire?

Pink Spitfire

Pink Spitfire



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  1. Are all these planes made out of plastic or is there a little rubber in them too? I’ve been thinking about getting my son a model kit and was just wondering if one material was better than the other. If there was a certain type of material that is more durable and will fly straighter, I would love to hear about it.

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