Hello everyone, it is time for another multimaterial upgrade (MMU) update! This time I have good news. We solved the problems I mentioned in the previous update and this means we are getting ready to ship!

The solution was to use larger diameter steel tubes for cooling the filament and making a custom heatbreak together with E3D. This allows a wider range of filament diameters to pass thru without blockages. Most of the fails we get now are from tangled filament on spools or parts getting unstuck from the bed, just the occasional 3D printing mishaps.

So we got all the parts and are waiting on the new heatbreaks from E3D. The upgrade will come with a new preassembled E3D V6 including the new heatbreak. Due to the addition of the new parts, like the hotends and Bondtechs, the price for the new orders is bumped up to $299 USD and 329€ with VAT included (quad version). Now check out some of our new prints (all are printed at 200 um).

Variety of multi material objects

Variety of multi material objects at 200 um

Knight of Egypt by Zorum http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1826018

4 material 3DBenchy

4 material 3DBenchy

3DHubs Marvin

3DHubs Marvin

Demon Girl Bust by Kintall http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:758165

Demon Girl Bust by Kintall http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:758165

Just today we are starting to move into our new HQ. We are very happy about that as we can increase the production and lower our lead times. We have roughly 6000m2 (around 64000 ft2)! The move will be completed by May 15th and the MMU’s first batch is scheduled to ship on May 19th.

New PrusaHQ

New PrusaHQ

We will also be showcasing the Multi Material MK2S at the Bay Area MakerFaire (May 19-21), so if you are around, come say hello and check it out!

As always, Happy printing! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Update on Multi Material Upgrade #2

  1. Very impressive colour prints. Looks wonderful. Fantastic that you are solving these technical challenges and raising the standard and bar, as to what is possible with a 3D printer. Looking forward to further developments.

  2. MK2S owner here, MM on pre-order.

    Looks good, but how much filament gets wasted on the waste tower compared to the size of the model? How does it affect print times? How do we slice and prep the model to print it?

    No point in having multi-material/color if it takes 10 times to print and uses twice as much filament as in the model!!

    That would be my queue to ask for a refund!

  3. I ordered my Original Prusa i3 MK2S and while I wait I am trying to figure things out. Is there anyway to print most of these upgrade pieces without having to purchase the upgrade kit?

  4. Excellent! The prints look awesome!

    I’m sure you know we’d all rather get something good later than something bad earlier.

  5. This is probably a silly question but when the MMU has been fitted will the unit still be able to print with single colour G-Code without printing the purge wall?

    • Hi Alan, yes. In Slic3r PE is an option called “MK2 MultiMaterial single mode”.

  6. Are you shipping the MMU now? When should we expect to see ours (ordered last November)?

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